The Love of Argument

You love arguing with me!

No I don’t!

OK… so I do love to argue. What know-it-all contractor doesn’t? However, my disposition towards disagreement isn’t the kind of argument this post’s title refers to. The argument I refer to is that of “a statement, reason, or fact for or against a point”. The argument I refer to is the same one you endure for 15 out of every 60 televised minutes – namely, the argument to Continue reading The Love of Argument

Softening You Up

Repairmen say the darndest things. One of my favorites is “It’s on its last legs.“, as though the furnace or air conditioner is a centipede that’s down to its last two legs. We’ve all heard that “throwing good money after bad” is, well, bad. And lately I’ve heard about quite a few repairmen referring to the very repairs they make as “Band-Aids”. Some companies have even made that genericised trademark the official name of their repair.

So why are these commonplace sayings “darnedest” when said by repairmen? Continue reading Softening You Up

If heating you is wrong…

…I don’t wanna be right.

The words “second opinion” are like music to my ears. I’m a natural educator and, as such, I enjoy giving homeowners information they didn’t get from a competitor. In many cases I’m able to offer a more cost effective solution. And in some cases I get to prove my competitor wrong. I must admit that my inner imp loves proving the competition wrong.

I heard those two melodious words today. Continue reading If heating you is wrong…