Batting a Thousand

Rindle Replacements performed a tune-up on these two furnaces about two weeks ago. (Say that ten times fast.) I visited those same two furnaces today. I visited with the homeowner as well. She told the tale of many tall tales told. I didn’t keep the count, but Rindle did by way of the invoice pictured below. Let’s see if half the lies they tell about the furnaces aren’t true.

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Black and White

Imagine going to a mechanic and being told that you need a new car because your old one has a rusty tailpipe. That’s kind of what happened to today’s featured homeowner. Except rather than being told she needed a new car, she was told she needed a new furnace. And rather than citing iron oxide (rust) as the reason, the repairman cited zinc oxide – in other words, zinc rust. It’s the “scary” looking white powder pictured below.  Continue reading Black and White

Eight Is Enough

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These eight pictures get you 470 of them. That’s not such a great bargain I suppose, but it’s a mite better than what my customer got last year. Her 207 pictures of George Washington got her nothing.  Read on to learn how a twenty-four point tune-up turned up a repair that was paid for but never performed. Continue reading Eight Is Enough

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Has monkey got a deal for you!

“Dear Friend,

Since replacing your furnace could cost you thousands of dollars, doesn’t it just make sense to consider a Tune-Up? Especially if I take all the risk, and there is no risk for you. Let me explain.”

Those are the opening words of a letter (pictured below) from the owner of Heroic Heating & Air to homeowners in his area. While considering a tune-up certainly seems to make sense, you’ll soon learn what their so-called tune-up actually makes is dollars and cents. The letter continues:
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