Twenty Equals Twelve

I just got off the phone with a homeowner who was told his furnace’s failed heat exchanger had a 13 year warranty. That’s too bad since his furnace is 19 years old. Well it would’ve been too bad had he not called me. I told him the truth. A quick search tells the truth just as well. That heat exchanger has a 20 year warranty. Virtually every residential heat exchanger made in the past few decades has or had a 20 year warranty. It’s a not-so-secret industry standard.

Shocking! No… it’s not shocking that Equinoctial Air deceived the homeowner in an attempt to sell a furnace. They’ve been weaving that web for years. What’s shocking is Continue reading Twenty Equals Twelve

If at first you don’t succeed…

…lie, lie, lie again?

Did they lie, exaggerate or something else? I’ll let you decide. The contractor with the tongue twisting pseudonym of Equinoctial Air is at it again. They’re the same contractor that brought us Snatched from the Jaws of a Tune-Up. We foiled that bit of mechanical mischief, but they’re nothing if not determined go-getters. And what they were determined to go get is this homeowner’s signature on the dotted line.

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Snatched from the Jaws of a Tune-Up

You’re gonna need a bigger check.

Fall was just days away when I was called to check a furnace that had been paid a visit by Equinoctial Air. When I arrived, I removed the furnace’s covers and saw what you see in the first and second pictures below. What looks like partial disassembly is, in fact, nearly complete disassembly. The blower, heat exchanger, burner tray and so on were all sitting loosely in the furnace cabinet. Under the guise of performing a tune-up, Equinoctial Air had completely gutted the furnace.
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