Twenty Equals Twelve

I just got off the phone with a homeowner who was told his furnace’s failed heat exchanger had a 13 year warranty. That’s too bad since his furnace is 19 years old. Well it would’ve been too bad had he not called me. I told him the truth. A quick search tells the truth just as well. That heat exchanger has a 20 year warranty. Virtually every residential heat exchanger made in the past few decades has or had a 20 year warranty. It’s a not-so-secret industry standard.

Shocking! No… it’s not shocking that Equinoctial Air deceived the homeowner in an attempt to sell a furnace. They’ve been weaving that web for years. What’s shocking is that after this many years of practice they’re not better at it. Some commercial heat exchangers have 10 year warranties. “Accidentally” mixing them up might have been somewhat believable. But 13 years? That’s just random. Or maybe it’s just the new math I’ve heard so much about: 20 + (RR) = 13 when “RR” equals a rascally repairman.

The warranty doesn’t cover labor, so it’ll still cost hundreds to replace the heat exchanger. Compare that to the four grand they quoted for a new furnace. Three grand is a more reasonable price for a new furnace. Either way, the repair is more reasonable still. His furnace is getting old, so the homeowner is still considering a new one. But now it’s optional rather than compulsory. Giving homeowners all options should be every contractor’s well woven practice. Doing business any other way just doesn’t add up.