The Running Repairman

Does a world renowned doctor show up at a patient’s door within hours of being called? Unless the patient is filthy rich, probably not. First, the patient goes to the doctor’s door. Second, and more to my point, a world renowned doctor is in high demand. Therefore s/he need not work crazy long hours or off-hours to get paid. In other words, if the patient wants the best doctor then the patient might have to be patient.

Call me conceited for concocting this comparison, but does a locally renowned furnace repairman show up at your door within hours of your call? Continue reading The Running Repairman

Two Weeks in the Life

I really do see this stuff on a daily basis.

I must admit that A Week in the Life found limited commercial success. That might be because it was released during the winter dump months. Or that might actually be because I don’t charge anything for admission. I have to do something about that. ;^) Regardless, it’s time for a summer sequel. In keeping with sequel tradition, I’m going bigger and badder by chronicling two weeks of summer life.

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