Another day, another tune-up high pressure sales call from Heroic Heating & Air. After performing the tune-up, Heroic’s repairman said that the furnace’s heat exchanger should be replaced because it looked “iffy”. They didn’t actually find a problem with the heat exchanger mind you. And they certainly didn’t follow the AHRI approved inspection procedure. They just had suspicions. In other words, their recommendation was made up from whole cloth.

It took two of Heroic’s repairmen cut the aforementioned cloth. The first one said he wasn’t a specialist. That’s code for he’s not a good salesman. The second one quoted $1,900 to replace the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a twenty year warranty, which means the part would have been provided by the manufacturer free of charge. In other words, the good folks at Heroic Heating & Air were going to charge $1,900 for four hours of labor.

I took a good look at furnace. As you’ll see in the slideshow below, there’s nothing iffy about it. The only thing that’s iffy here are the cornballs at Heroic Heating.

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