The Requisition Technician visited this furnace.

That is all.

Visiting really was all Req Tech could do. That furnace has a variable speed blower motor. The licensed, bonded and five star rated RT said he isn’t trained to work on them and left. That’s like a plumber saying he isn’t trained to work on those newfangled low-flow toilets. Both the toilet and the motor came to widespread use in the 1990s. Every furnace manufacturer sells variable speed motors. Every real repairman works on them. And by “work” I mean we plug this tester in and flip a few switches. That’s really is all there is to it.

The Dissembling Disassembler

Is Johnny 5 in the attic?

A few weeks ago this furnace stopped blowing air. The tenant called the property manager to get it fixed. The home had a home warranty, so the property manager called the home warranty company. The home warranty company dispatched Borderline Heating & Air.

Their repairman suspected a bad blower, but he wasn’t sure. So what does a repairman do when he doesn’t know what he’s doing? Continue reading The Dissembling Disassembler

School Is Out

You too can learn to install the latest in portable wood heating technology!

Trying to figure out your career future? How would you like to be your own boss, work flexible hours and make great money? Train for an exciting career in heating and air conditioning repair! Don’t like school? Neither do we! Skip the training and become a licensed contractor in three easy steps: Continue reading School Is Out

A Week in the Life

Do I really see this stuff on a daily basis?

While I have talked about seeing these things daily, I must admit that I don’t actually see the things I write of every single day. I take weekends off. It is, in fact, a fact that I see the goofs, gaffes and greed of other repairmen every day that I’m in the field. I don’t nitpick. The things I write of are substantive and, if you’re not used to it like I am, very surprising. So prepare for the surprise as I present a very typical (work) week in the my life. Continue reading A Week in the Life